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Central Water Filtration System, Plug Type A

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Water treated by the Central Water Filtration System removes impurities such as sand, bloodworm, and rust, while extending the life of home appliances and plumbing. Recommended to be used with the Central Water Softener (ESR3100D-A). Includes plug type A.
  • Media: Activated Carbon and Quartz Sand.
  • Removes 1200T for chlorine, taste, and odor. Removes 400T for lead, cadmium, copper, sulfate, and nitrite.
  • Flow Rate: 1.5T/h (396 Gallons/Hour) @ 0.2MPa.
  • Product complies with NSF 61 for material safety.
  • Plug Type: A.

Product Specifications

Accessory Dimensions L: 417mm
W: 297mm
H: 1090mm
Shipping Dimensions L: 376mm
W: 366mm
H: 1240mm
Approximate Shipping Weight 33 kg
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