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3-Stage Undermount Ultrafiltration System

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This advanced 3-Stage Undermount Ultra Filtration System provides your family with clean, safe, great tasting water. Our advanced technology Ultra Filtration Membrane removes many of the same impurities as an RO system with the exception of dissolved inorganic solids and VOCs - making it ideal for areas with low TDS water. Also, this system does not require a separate storage tank or electricity to operate. Recommended use with the Polished Body Dispensing Faucet (FS33-A).
  • Media: Melt-Blown P.P., Carbon Block, and UF Hollow Fiber Membrane.
  • Removes suspended matter, rust, redworm, sediment, color, odor, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and small molecule organic compounds.
  • Flow Rate: 1.5 Lpm (0.4 Gallons/Min.) @ 0.4MPa.
  • Product complies with NSF 61 for material safety.

Product Specifications

Accessory Dimensions L: 361mm
W: 132mm
H: 396mm
Shipping Dimensions L: 404mm
W: 155mm
H: 526mm
Approximate Shipping Weight 6 kg
Global Compliance NOM-244


  • Replacement cartridges EFU23-PP-A
  • EFU23-MS-A and EFU23-UF-A
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