WaterSentry Filter Mounting Cover (Gray Granite)

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Application Type Office + Other
Accessory Type Mounting Options
Finish Light Gray Granite
Included with Product Cover & Rivets
Country Of Origin USA
Dimensions L: 16-1/1"
W: 6-3/16"
H: 4-1/1"
Shipping Dimensions L: 18"
W: 9"
H: 8"
Shipping Weight 2.7 LBS
Note For use with EZ and LZ light gray granite vinyl models.

At Elkay, we are always looking for ways to make great products even better. Superior quality and popular features allow our customers to find their perfect drinking solutions. Our products are ideal for medical facilities, schools and universities, office buildings, airports, shopping malls, sports arenas and other high-traffic venues, for both indoor and outdoor installations.

  • For use with EZ and LZ Light Gray Granite vinyl models.
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